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17 Acres of views and wild animals is an idyllic spot for Celebrity guests to be interviewed by Shelley Sykes on her Get Syked for Fun, Food & Fashion and Get Syked for Fame TV Show. Everyone loves the location only 10 minutes from PCH and 20 minutes from Malibu Colony, where the super famous Celebrities have their beach homes and spend their summer weekends. Australian beaches are way whiter and pristine, but celebrities walking in flip flops and shorts; has its own kind of chic to this seaside resort only 40 minutes from Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. Its hard to believe that the Herons and Deer drink from the Koi Pond in front of the windows, so close to the cities.


Mount Malibu is a location TV Show House for an international Film Production Company, specializing in LifeStyle TV Shows for Fashion, Food & the Entertainment Industry.

Shelley Sykes is the Designer and TV Show creator from Australia. She is also best selling Author, sought after Inspirational Speaker, Comedy Actress, Voice Artist, Singer/Song-Writer and Lifestyle TV Host…all while looking after a special needs son and heading the Shelley Sykes Happy Charity! Shelley didn’t want to be sitting in a box type TV Studios 5 days a week and decided to find a property that she could convert into a TV Studios, which her celebrity guests would find convenient to get to and also enjoy visiting.  It took Shelley 3 years to find this Malibu Estate and 2 and half years to renovate, yet the effort was worth it!

The House is situated in the Santa Monica Mountains; over looking the Pacific Ocean and the long beaches of Malibu.  It is an idyllic setting; with 360 degree views of mountains, sea and beautiful wild semi-arid desert, which the animals just wonder freely!


Shelley Sykes started her Property & Personal Styling Business in the UK in 1989, styling her homes that featured in Magazines, Spas, Hotels and Restaurants. Her business expanded into Australia and then Celebrity Homes for the Sports Players in the USA. Shelley is a Designer & Feng Shui Master and loves water front and contemporary properties. She hosted the UK TV Show Feng Shui and All About Yorkshire. Mount Malibu property is definitely unique with Shelley’s personal touches from Australian Geodes that match the fish!


Although we tend to spend most of our time filming for the Get Syked TV Shows, we do host the Annual Happy Charity Honors Event & we occasionally hire out the Property for Fashion & Film Shoots.


Get Syked with Style Malibu Make-Over TV Show created a TV Book with each room renovation highlighted in each chapter of the book.  It is a wonderful Table Top Glossy 10.5 x 16.5 Book, an ideal gift.


TV Host Shelley Sykes loves culture, couture & cooking.  It is therefore no surprise that Shelley Hosts the get Syked for Fun Food & Fashion TV Show series & Get Syked for Fame TV Shows at Mount Malibu.


Most of the time the property is booked for the TV Show Series but occasionally the property is booked for glamorous Film & Photography Shoots!


17 Acres of Mountainous land in a semi dessert arid environment was a challenge and Shelley had to get used to which plants survived the drought and being eaten by the deer. Synthetic Grass looks fabulous and saves on water and Shelley secured to Cacti, Agarve and sweet smelling lavendars and Sage as well as colorful Oleanders. Now the place is buzzing with humming birds and butterflies and the deer still drink from the Koi Pond and water fountains spotted around the grounds.


Shelley Sykes Spas are known around the world in 5 star Hotels and so it was natural for Shelley to place a celebrity Spa at Mount Malibu for her distinguished guests, who may prefer to be interviewed having a Gurlein Facial or an aromatherapy massage. Plus we all love to see the latest celebrities having some pampering.


Every great movie or Lifestyle TV Show is nothing without great music. TV Host Shelley Sykes writes the lyrics and works with grammy award winning music producers to produce happy upbeat music for the TV Shows from her purpose built sound studio and oh what views from the Sound booth… bikini clad girls laying by the infinity pool while the music talent look out at the pristine blue skies and sea
Get Syked Music Mix 1 Features Shelley and her friends TV Show Music.


TV Show Director and Creator Shelley Sykes has attracted a Beautiful Happy Team, who work on the TV Shows, Books and Music. Celebrities are often popping in and saying hi and love the sign they all abide to ” Its better when its Perfect.” The red walls pop and add a beautiful energy to their office filled with Apple iMacs, glass and red cabinetry.


Shelley Sykes is very conscious of the wild animals and ability to conserve Nature and mother Earth. Shelley feels she is just a custodian on this Chumash Indian Land & does her best to keep everything in accordance with mother Nature and the Wild life Societies. Planting natural California Forna, the whole concept of this property is to live side-by-side with the animals. No dogs are allowed on the property so as not to frighten the deers and huge selections of bunnies, birds and badgers.

Water is a rare commodity in the summer time in the Santa Monica Mountains. Pondbiz sponsored the Koi Pond and water fall designed by Shelley utilizing the natural landscape and as such the birds, bees and deer all come to drink from the fresh water ponds.


An award-winning international TV Production filming location, in one of the most sought-after areas of California, on the doorstep of the local Celebrity residents.