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Beautiful Unlimited America Productions

A film company who filmed the 46 sponsors that helped Designer Shelley Sykes convert this drab house into a beautiful TV Show Celebrity House.

Shelley Sykes is a Designer with a vision and purpose, bringing together Local and National Companies that help create beautiful homes and who work well with the environment.

Shelley was referred to companies that take pride in their work.  Yes, there were a few bloopers, yet most days were filled with joy and laughter; with teams of contractors loving what they do.  Everyone came together to convert Shelley’s dreams and plans into a reality.


A property on 17 acres always relies on a large team of professionals that are perfect for their skill sets.

• Beautiful Property Styling – Design & Decor

• Interiors & Things –  CAD System

• Madison – The Malibu Life – Realtor

• Fred’s Carpets – Carpet installation

• Mohawk Carpets – Karastan Carpet

• Metal Chem – Paint for garage door

• Solar City – Solar Panels

• Swann Security – Cameras

• Omars Upholstery – 100yr old chair

• Union Bank

• Rotorfx – Helicopter Filming

• Hagobian Architect – Balcony

• Mulholland Security & Gates – Gate

• ACR Air & Heating – Air conditioning

• Montigo Fire – Master infinite fire


Mount Malibu is so beautiful nestled in the mountains overlooking the sea with a barrage of wild animals including Deer, Foxes, Herons, Hawks, Condors and Bob Cats. Shelley wanted to make sure she brought the outside in keeping the landscape as naturally as possible.

• A-Z Nursery – Fruit Vines

• Gavin Andrew – Laid Mulch

• Moon Valley Nursery – Plants

• AB Supply – Happy Pad

• PH Soils – Mulch

• Skyline Flowers – Lily Bulbs

• Anawalts – Organic Soil

• Emerald Harvest – Plant Fertilizer

• Jon Kraczyk Sculptures – Fire Pit

• Green Thumb Nursery – Supplies

• Synthetic Grass Warehouse

• Clemons Land Surveyor – Perimeter

• Coastline Fence – Fencing

• Montecito Tower Gardens

• Artificial Grass Liquidation – Turf

• Durling Nursery – Fruit Trees

• Zuma Orchids – Flower Display

Pool & Koi Pond

There is nothing nicer than the sound of water especially in semi-arid desert type areas like Malibu.  Everyone benefits including the animals since they drink out of the fountains and the pool when it’s hot and dry.

• Kegan English – Dug out Koi Pond

• Lunar Custom Spas & Pools – Pool

• Pond Biz – Pond, Waterfall & Koi

• All Pro Pools & Spas – Lights


The plumbers switched out old sinks & baths to create clean modern lines ensuring even the bathrooms are a happy experience.

• Steve’s Plumbing – BBQ

• Benny – Black Bathroom

• Frank Connelia – Pond & Fountains

• Luis Fernandez – Master Bathroom

• Edwin Alverey – Pool Shower

• Giovanni Ayala – Pool Shower

• Luis Roch – Master Bathroom

• Pepe Plumber – Kitchen


Despite the home being relatively new, Shelley upgraded the lights to LEDs to ensure a Smart Home ambiance and facility for the media team.

• Jeremy Barros – Powder Room

• Nathan Mood – Green Room

• David Harrison – Master Bedroom

• Tom Magneta – Living Room

• Antonio Galdamez – Lights

• GK Construction – Garden Lights


Streamlining the home with Feng Shui to prevent clutter, Shelley ensured that each room had its own storage with beautiful cupboards thanks to the talented carpenters.

• Brain Lee – Shower Seat & Gong

• Paul Curzon – Stucco

• Zion Construction – Hall Steps

• Scott Martin – Spa Balcony…

• Samuel L Culver – Kitchen Wall

• James Salmond – Marquis

• John Mendoza – Furniture

• Lindsay Jordan – Garage Cupboards

• Julian Omdan – BBQ Cupboards

Tile & Granite Tops

Clean and colorful tiles and granite were designer Shelley Sykes’s requirements to make the kitchen, living room & bathrooms pop!

• Pacific Shore Stone Granite

• Menelli Granite – Kitchen Granite

• MSI Stone – Tile, Wall & Granite


Glass shower doors, glass balconies, & glass table tops always make a room look bigger and more contemporary.  There is nothing nicer than seeing the whole room or view!

• Clean Glass Installation

• New Star Glass – Master & Black

• TWT – Window Tinting – Blue Tint

• Wholesale Glass & Windows – Glass


Being a TV Show House & with today’s high-tech superzoom cameras; dust is easily seen and takes off the beauty and shine, therefore clean windows, clean chandlers & glass are always a priority at Mount Malibu.

• Witherspoon Chandelier Cleaning

• All American Window Cleaning